Services at the Istanbul Airport

Discover essential information about the range of services available at Istanbul Airport [IST] to enhance your travel experience. From airport lounges and hotels to shops, restaurants, and tax refund services, we have compiled all you need for an enjoyable time at the airport.

Here is an Overview of the Services Offered at Istanbul Airport [IST]:

- Shopping: Arguably the most popular activity to pass time at Istanbul Airport is shopping in the duty-free area, which is one of the largest in the world. In addition to the duty-free area, there are a number of brand-name stores offering clothing, accessories, electronics, toys and much more.

- Airport Library: Istanbul Airport is home to a library containing more than 2,000 books and magazines. It is located at the Domestic Departures floor and can be visited between 06.30 am to 11:20 pm.

- Beauty Services: If you want to relax and unwind or simply want to freshen up before your flight, Istanbul Airport’s SPA and beauty services have you covered. This include a spa center, located at the air side departure floor, with massage packages and other rest and rejuvenation services, a shower, and a hair salon, where guests can get haircuts, hair coloring, manicures, and pedicures.

- Fresh Air Terrace: Istanbul Airport now offers a non-smoking "Fresh Air Terrace" where passengers can step away from the air-conditioned areas and enjoy the fresh air while they wait for their flights. This terrace is located in the terminal building, on the left side next to the pier where the B gates are located.

- Museums & Exhibitions: The airport hosts a variety of exhibitions at different locations throughout the airport to provide passengers with an enhanced travel experience. These exhibitions showcase a range of subjects and themes, and are designed to entertain and engage guests during their time at the airport. For an overview and the locations of the exhibitions, click here.

- TV Watching Zones: There are three TV watching zones located throughout the terminal building that are ideal for families who want to relax together. These zones are located near the escalator at the top of the A-B pier, near the escalator at the top of the F pier, and across from the smoking terrace at the G pier. Each zone is equipped with comfortable seating and TVs, so you can kick back and watch your favorite shows while you wait for your flight.

- Youth Lounge: The Youth Lounge is designed with the needs of young travelers of 15 to 30 year age group in mind and offers a variety of activities and amenities. These include free Wi-Fi for up to 4 hours, PlayStation gaming, an audio system, and a large screen projector. Additionally, there are table football, board games, and comics. It is located in the international terminal on the departures area.

- Nap Zone: Whether you're feeling tired or simply want to relax before your journey, the airport’s nap zone is the perfect place. These areas are located at various points throughout the terminal building and are equipped with comfortable seating. In total, there are six nap zones that can accommodate a total of 278 people.

- Sleepod: If napping is not enough, try the iGA Sleepod. This service provides private, comfortable sleeping cabins for passengers who want to catch some rest before their flights. There are 25 cabins available, and you can purchase additional pillows and blankets if you wish. The cabins are located in quiet, convenient areas of the airport, and are available at affordable prices.

Airport Lounges at Istanbul Airport [IST]

The Istanbul Airport offers five lounges for the public to enjoy. Economy passengers can gain access to these lounges by purchasing authorization at the entrance for an additional charge. To find out the current entrance price, please visit each lounge's website.


1. IGA Lounge

The IGA Lounge is open 24/7 and can be found on the left after passport control in the international terminal. It is operated by Istanbul Airport and available for use by passengers flying with Star Alliance Airlines and Priority Pass members with a same-day boarding pass.

The IGA Lounge offers luxurious bedroom suites with attached bathrooms for travelers to rest and freshen up before their flight. Guests can take advantage of the free high-speed WiFi and the duty-free shop located in the lounge.

The lounge also features a menu with authentic Turkish cuisine and specialties from other cuisines from around the world. Coffee stations are placed throughout the lounge for guests to enjoy, and there is a staffed bar offering alcoholic drinks.

  • For more information, including prices, please visit the official website at IGA Lounge.

2. SkyTeam Lounge

The SkyTeam Lounge is located on the west wing of the International Departures floor at Istanbul Airport. The lounge features a unique decor that combines SkyTeam's design language with local touches.

With a spacious area of 582 square meters and over 145 seats, guests will never feel crowded and can freshen up in the lounge's shower suites.

The SkyTeam Lounge offers a rich buffet with delicious Turkish and international treats. Be sure to try the freshly cooked pide (Turkish pizza) prepared on-demand at the live cooking station, as well as the mezze, traditional tea or coffee. Enjoy these treats while waiting for your flight in the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the SkyTeam Lounge.


3. Turkish Airlines Lounge Business

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Business is located on the international departures floor at Istanbul Airport, accessible via the escalator opposite the E1 boarding gate. It has a spacious area of 5600 square meters, seats for 765 passengers, and a 130 square meter museum area.

The lounge is available to Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance airlines Business Class passengers flying on an international flight.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge Business offers a range of amenities to provide entertainment and comfort before your flight. You can rest in private suites, refresh with showers, relax in the lounge area, taste delicious treats from Turkish and international cuisine, or entertain yourself with console gaming. There is also a large children's play area for families traveling with young children.


4. Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge offers a comfortable and enjoyable space for passengers before their domestic flights. The lounge features special designed spaces, a selection of console games, and delicious treats for guests to enjoy.

There is also a special designed children's playground to keep young guests entertained. Meeting rooms are also available for guests who need to work while waiting for their flight.

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge can be accessed by taking the elevator across gates G6 and G7 in the domestic terminal. When your flight departure time approaches, you can board the apron bus directly from the lounge to your flight.

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge is available to all passengers with Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus, or Star Alliance Gold membership, as well as all passengers flying in Business Class.


5. Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge

Another relaxing space for passengers to enjoy while they wait for their flights is the Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge. Located on the International departures floor, near the C1 boarding gate, the lounge is accessible by taking the elevator opposite the gate.

The Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles Lounge is available to Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance member airline economy class passengers with Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus, or Star Alliance Gold membership, as well as all passengers flying in business class.

Inside this lounge, you'll find 12 suites with showers, allowing you to freshen up before your flight. The lounge also offers a variety of delicious treats from Turkish and world cuisines to satisfy your hunger.

If you're looking for entertainment, the lounge has a cinema, console gaming area, and a spacious playground for children. There are also meeting rooms and a library for those who want to use their time productively.

Restaurants & Food at Istanbul Airport [IST]

Istanbul Airport offers a wide range of dining options for passengers, including restaurants, fast food chains, and cafes.

The airport features international franchises such as Starbucks, Subway, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Deli Aux Pain, Carl's Jr., and Burger King, as well as local restaurants like Cay Saati, HD Döner, HD Iskender, Pidem, and Simit Sarayı.

With so many options to choose from, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your hunger while you wait for your flight.

Shops at Istanbul Airport [IST]

Shopping enthusiasts get their money's worth at Istanbul Airport.

The airport caters to passengers with a contemporary before and after their travels. Featuring a wide selection of local and international fashion brand stores, passengers can shop for accessories, electronics, jewelry and watches, children's clothing and toys, home furnishings, and much more.

Whether you're looking for the perfect souvenir or need to pick up some last-minute essentials, Istanbul Airport has you covered.

Internet at Istanbul Airport [IST]

Travelers who want to connect to the internet and stay connected during their time at Istanbul Airport can take advantage of free Wi-Fi service.

There are 33 Wi-Fi kiosks located in various areas throughout the airport, including the transfer floor, departure floor, Bosphorus zone, international terminal, arrival meeting hall, and in front of gates C-E.

  • To get a code from a kiosk using your passport number, simply verify your passport number on the kiosk and you will receive a code. You can then connect to the "Istanbul Airport TurkTelekomFree" network on your mobile device using the code.
  • To connect with your mobile phone, find the "Istanbul Airport TurkTelekomFree" network and choose your country code to receive a password via SMS.

If you need to use the internet for longer than an hour, paid packages are available from TurkTelekom. The Istanbul Airport WiFi package offers access for 2 hours or all day.

Hotels at Istanbul Airport [IST]

There is an airport hotel at Istanbul Airport called YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel.

One of the best things about YOTEL Hotel is its convenient location inside Istanbul airport. This means that you don't have to worry about rushing to catch your flight, as you can relax in your comfortable, modern room before your journey.

YOTEL Istanbul Hotel, with 174 air side rooms and 277 land side rooms, is the perfect choice for travelers who want to be close to the airport without wasting time. Whether you're in town for a layover or an extended stay, YOTEL Istanbul Hotel offers comfortable and convenient accommodations.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport Hotel has two locations: landside and airside.

  1. The YOTEL ISTANBUL LANDSIDE location is situated on the airport entrance side within the flight check-in area.
  2. If you are looking for a transit hotel within Istanbul Airport, YOTEL ISTANBUL AIRSIDE is the right choice.

Duty Free

Istanbul Airport boasts a massive and attractive Duty Free area, offering a wide selection of products including cosmetics, perfumes, food and beverages, tobacco, toys, watches, jewelry, souvenirs, and handmade crafts.

The store features a range of popular brands and products, and shoppers can take advantage of tax-free prices.

Refund Tax Free Desk & App

How to get Tax Refund at Istanbul Airport [IST]?

In order to receive a tax refund at Istanbul Airport, you will need to follow a few steps:

1. Shop at participating stores: Only select stores at Istanbul that offer tax refunds. Look for the "Tax-Free Shopping" or "Global Refund" logo to find participating stores.

2. Request a tax-free form: When making a purchase at a participating store, request a tax-free / tax refund form from the salesperson. This form will need to be filled out by the passenger and presented to customs when you leave the country.

3. Get your Customs Approval: After you have finished shopping, present your purchases and tax-free / tax refund form to customs for approval. This confirms that you have exported the items from Turkey and are eligible for a tax refund. There are two options:

  • If you are traveling with baggage containing the items for which you have applied for a tax refund, you must first present these items to Customs for approval. You can get cleared at the customs offices at the check-in counters numbered G3-4-5.
  • If you will be carrying items in your hand luggage on the plane instead of checking them in as baggage, you can clear customs at the office located on the right after the passport control point.

4. Claim your refund: When you are ready to leave the airport, you can claim your tax refund at the Global Refund counter. Present your stamped tax-free form, receipts, and passport to receive your refund. You can choose to receive the refund in cash or by credit card.

Keep in mind that certain conditions may apply to tax refunds, such as minimum purchase amounts and limitations on certain types of items. It is a good idea to check with the store or customs officials for specific details.

Please note that during customs procedures, you must have the items, invoices, tax return form, boarding pass, and passport with you. The tax return form must be signed by customs authorities.


Istanbul Airport App

The mobile app of the airport is called „Istanbul Airport and is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

The app is designed to make the travel experience  of passengers more convenient and hassle-free. It is available in Turkish and English.

The Istanbul Airport app provides a range of features for passengers, including:

  • Home to Gate Feature
  • Flight check in
  • Access to boarding pass
  • Flight tracking & real-time flight updates
  • Notification alerts about flights
  • Terminal maps
  • Details about Transportation options
  • Shopping and dining information
  • Free Wifi service and more airport services

For more information or to download the app, please visit the official website.

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